Last updated 7/8/00


I'm doing a poll for the date of the next club meeting. Please send me an email telling witch date is best for you. Saturday August 5 or Sunday August 6. Send email to

I was thinking of meeting at Miramar Lake at 10:00 AM.
Talk and meet with each other to around 11:30 AM.
Then we could pick a place to have lunch and all drive there together.

Tell me what you think.

I would like to update the Club's list of members. My list has become split and fragmented. If you would like to be on the clubs roster please send me an email (to with the subject "I'm a San Diego Thing Club Member" and in the body of your email please list you name and/or names and any other information you would like.

Also send pictures or information and I will post it to the web page.

Happy Summer, Chris.