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The San Diego VW Thing Club News Letter, Volume 01, 8-16-01:


I will be posting something once a week on each Sunday in an attempt to keep everyone update of what is going on (even if its just to say hi. I promise, really).

I've received a couple of emails asking about the status of the club. Is it still active? Dose it still exist? Yes it's still here.

When I first started all of this it was my goal of getting together with other Thing owners and having a good time. I tried to provided a web page with information for everyone to share. I setup the first several meeting and we had a very good turn out of about 10 - 15 Things.

I've had several outings last Fall, a couple this Spring, and one I tried to setup in July. But we have not have been getting the turn out that we once did.

I've talked with Paul Davis "P.A." <> who is a long time Thing enthusiast with a lot of experience. He not only goes to all the Thing shows but he also goes to other types of VW car shows and auto shows. He is going to talk to the FAMILIENFEST 7 people and see about getting a group of spaces for our Things. With his and mine that's two. He suggested we meet and drive up together as a group. I believe the cost is $10 for one car and one person. Please let him know if you would like to join us and reserve a space for you. You can also just meet us and dive up. The cost is $7 for adults and kids under 14 are free. We are going to setup a table with information.

Paul suggested we meet next Thursday at the La Mesa Hot Rod Night as a
pre get together. From what he says it is a lot fun. He say's they have a wide range of vintage cars. Not just Things or just air cooled VW's (and yes VW Things are vintage vehicles, I like to think so).

FAMILIENFEST 7 should be a great chance for everyone to meet again. Deer Park winery is a wonderful place with grass fields, trees, auto museum, and of course the winery.

The show details are at

The S.D. VW Club web page:

Please email me with any questions. Let me know what you think. Is there
any thing you would me to put in the new letter? I will be updating the web page by Sunday.

Hope to hear from you, Happy Trails, Chris:)

P.S. I'm also trying to clean up the mailing list and may have added a few old addresses. If you got this by mistake I'm very sorry. Please let me know and I'll take you off the list. Once again sorry for any troble.