Last updated 8-17-01



If you haven't already heard the San Diego Transporter club is having
a VW car show and family outing:

August 25th, 2001
· Car Show
· Swap Meet
· New Parts
· Music
· Raffle
Deer Park Winery, 29013 Champagne Blvd. Escondido, California.

I think because its Summer I've had several people asking about a
Thing outing. There are also a number of new people who would like to
meet everyone. I though that this might be a good chance to get
together. I have Club membership cards and licence plate frames
for anyone who is interested. I'm going to get a table so we hand
out information about the club. Also I was thinking about meeting at
the show and then going for a drive thur the back country of
Escondido. Dose anyone have any other suggestions of activities we
could do, maybe lunch.

The show details are at

The S.D. VW Club web page:

Please email me with any questions.

Hope to hear from you, Chris.