Last updated 4/14/00


I would like to update the Club's list of members. My list has become split and fragmented. If you would like to be on the clubs roster please send me an email (to with the subject "I'm a San Diego Thing Club Member" and in the body of your email please list you name and/or names and any other information you would like.

Also send pictures or information and I will post it to the web page.

I was thinking of starting a San Diego Thing email mailing list. I'm hoping to have some sort of activity soon. But I would like to have some input from everyone.

So to submit an email to the mailing list send an email to me "" and put on the first line "PLEASE POST TO THE MAILING LIST". After I get a few I will then place them in one email and send them to everyone.

Is anyone going up North to the German Motor Works Thing Show & wap IV on May 21? Maybe everyone work like to go as a group.

Happy Spring, Chris.