How I made a spray gun that will spray body seam sealant. I did some
bodywork in the rear trunk of my car to fix the rust. I wanted to spray
the body sealant, but I didnít want to spend the $300 for the gun, so I
made one myself. Itís a bit crude and if I had more time I might have
worked on improving it. I modeled it after a dry wall mud sprayer.

All of the parts can be bought at your local hardware store.

Here are the parts half way assembled. The circled fitting will have to be taped with a hand tape so
that the center pipe can extend thru the center of the assembly.

Assembled parts.

The tip of the sealant tube needs to be shortened

Because the plastic is soft the metal fitting can be screwed on making its own threads in the plastic.

Here is a picture of the center tube in the assembly.

The complete assembly ready to go

Here is an example after some practice. 40PSI on the air compressor seemed to work well.

I'll post some pictures of the car after I have everything painted.


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