How to install the MSD CDI kit diode to keep your engine from running
after the key is turned off . To do this you can install the diode that came
in the MSD kit to the alternator light in the dash.

To remove the gauge cluster from the dash all you have to do is grab it and pull it out.
The diode needs to be put inline between the two red wires with the white strip and the generator light.

No soldering or cutting needs to be done by using the following parts: a male crimp connector, a
female crimp connector, a small piece of shrink tubing, and the diode that came with the MSD.

The male connector is crimped to the side of the diode without the silver line, the positive side, in this case,
the left side of the diode in the picture, then side the shrink tubing over the diode, then crimp the
female connector onto the negative side, the side with the sliver strip, which is the right side of the
diode in the picture.

This is the finished diode assembly.

Disconnect the red wire with the white strip and insert the completed diode assembly.
Then slide the gauge cluster back into place.


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