At a "Home Improvement Show" I saw a company selling an upright cabinet arcade gamming system for $5,000. After taking to them I found out there was a PC inside running everything. After taking to them some more I found out the software was called "MAME". I went home and looked "MAME" up on the internet. Two weeks later I built my own MAME machine using the information from the following links.  The amount of information and effort in the MAME community is just INSANE!

Links that I used to build my machine:
The official site of the MAME development team
Mame32 is the Win32 GUI version of the MAME
Build Your Own Arcade Controls
(Need help look here first)
Nickel City Games (Were I bought the cabinet, very nice people)
(These people are insane!)
X-Arcade™ industrial quality arcade game controllers
(The best there is)

Arcade Art Library
Oscar Controls
DOSCab/WinCab Jukebox

Links General Info:
The MAME Cabinet Web Ring
Retro Blast


Empty cabinet Finished game Marquee Controller Shelf Computer

The cabinet originally was the game “Wrestle Fest” which I bought from “Nickel City Games”
The game controls is from "X-Arcade"
The graphics are from "Arcade Art Library"
The computer: AMD Sempron 2500, 512MB memory, ATI 9550 video card,
Seagate 160GB HD, Pioneer DVD drive, Sound Blaster 2.1 speakers with remote control,
wireless keyboard, and wireless mouse.
Software: Windows XP Pro,


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